GPRS Called to Scan Concrete at Historic Hotel Prior to Drilling

GPRS received a call to scan a historic hotel in downtown Las Vegas. GPRS completes projects similar to this particular project very often as hotels and casino remodels are always taking place in the Las Vegas area. With a more aggressive remodel like the one at the Westgate, concerns arose when the architect determined the number of holes that they needed to drill. Because the Westgate was built in the 60s, rebar was used as a primary structural support. Because of the presence of rebar within the structure, it was absolutely critical for the contractor to know the exact location of every piece of rebar near each of the coring locations.

We used a 1600MHz ground penetrating radar to scan the concrete prior to coring. GPRS was able to mark out and clear every single core drill for all 40 rooms per floor.

If you have questions about ground penetrating radar and concrete X-ray in the Las Vegas area please give us a call. Mike Farrell, Project Manager of Las Vegas, can be reached at (702)573-9228.