GPRS Concrete Scanning and Utility Locating in Las Vegas, Nevada

GPRS, Inc. has specialized in underground utility locating and concrete scanning since 2001. Above, a GPRS Project Manager utilizes a 400 MHz antenna to locate underground utilities in Las Vegas Nevada. Our process began with using the EM pipe locator to locate pipes or utilities throughout the scan area. We first sweep all areas with the receiver to detect live power or radio frequency signals followed by connecting to any visible risers or tracer wires that may be in the area provided that there is an exposed metallic surface. Locations and depths are painted or flagged on the surface. Depths cannot always be provided depending on the location method and can be prone to error. Initial scans using ground penetrating radar scan are made and are used to calibrate the equipment. Based on these findings, our project manager forms a scanning strategy, typically consisting of scanning the entire area in a two foot to four- foot grid. This tight grid pattern allows the ground penetrating radar to locate underground utilities, or underground storage tanks in the area.

The project manager locates and marks the results directly on the surface. GPRS also provides depths to the top of the utilities using spray paint. The depths are largely dependent on the dielectric of the materials being scanned, so depth accuracy can vary throughout a job site. Please keep in mind that there are limitations to any subsurface investigation. The equipment may not achieve maximum effectiveness due to soil conditions, above ground obstructions, reinforced concrete, and a variety of other factors. This is why GPRS Project Managers are equipped with an array of tools, such as a 400 MHz Ground Penetrating Radar Antenna, an Electromagnetic Pipe Locator, a traceable rodder, GPS for mapping our findings, a 512Hz sonde for those hard to locate sanitation and storm lines, as well as a sewer camera.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. A GPRS Project Manager will provide a consultative solution to your job site. If you are interested in hearing more about how GPRS can help you on your next project, please call us at 702-573-9228.