Time Capsule Located at Historic Church Near Las Vegas

Time capsules have been a part of civilization for centuries. They are a way to preserve artifacts from the current era for generations in the future to see firsthand what life was like at the time the capsule was created. Most time capsules are meant to be opened within a hundred years or so, but others intend for them to be opened thousands of years later. Unearthing one that is more than 100 years old is a rather significant discovery. Civilizations all across the world take part in this sort of era preservation, from the United States to Japan to Kenya to England; time capsules are buried all across our planet.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was called recently to scan the basement area at a church near Las Vegas, NV. This church was originally built in the 1860’s, and during construction a time capsule was buried in the wall of the church. GPRS was able to identify a specific area in which it appeared that there might be a void within the wall. A 1600 mHz antenna with the ground penetrating radar was used by GPRS to scan the areas. All of the findings were clearly marked on the surface with crayon and discussed with the customer.

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  • Time-Capsule-Located-at-Historic-Church-Near-Las-Vegas-NV-04.jpg

After exploring the area of interest, the customer found exactly what they were looking for: a time capsule that had been buried in the wall of the church for 150 years! Whether working on an older historic landmark or a freshly built hospital and everything in between, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can help.

Prior to saw cutting, core drilling, excavating or boring in the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada areas, be safe and get as many questions answered as to what sub-surface obstructions are present. If you have questions about what lies beneath whatever surface you’re working on, GPRS should be able to give you a much clearer picture as to what you are dealing with. Typically able to arrive on site to begin scanning within 1-2 days, GPRS will take care of your project in a timely, safe, and accurate manner. Contact the Las Vegas GPRS Project Manager, Andrew Yates, at (702) 573-9228 or andrew.yates@gp-radar.com.